27 Member Campaign Team Inaugurated For Steering The Affairs Of Ejisu

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Story by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbla

The Ejisu constituency was divided due to the last primaries which the incumbent lost to the CEO of NEIP.

Aftermath's of the a meeting was held to bring lasting solutions and making sure that the two aspirants unit.

Speaking at the official inaugural of the 27 member campaign team, Mr Chairman Bonsu a businessman and financial of the party in the Ejisu constituency, stated that he is going to sure that all party sympathisers will go out there to campaign for the party for a resounding victory.

He will make sure we're going to move to house to house to make sure that the party win 100,000 votes for both the President and the Candidate.

He said thank God that both the incumbent and Lawyer John have unite and strongly believe that with this unified spirit he witness today shows a clear indication that not only 75,000 votes the party is looking forward for but rather looking forward to seeing winning a 100,000  votes for both the President and Parliamentary Candidate for Ejisu constituency.

According to him, he is going to make sure that those who can't walk to go and campaign for the party he is going to make sure that he provide the party with some vehicles and money to enable such people go round to campaign house to house and door to door delivery of the good work H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa have done and a need to renew his mandate for another four more years.

Mr. chairman Bonsu urge all party people who have decided not to campaign for any PC just because he or she is not the person favourite must desist from thinking so but rather joined hands with the said PC to go out with their numbers and campaign hard to get the PC to parliament and also retained H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa as President come 2021.

"Let's me state emphazise that the coming election is critical and crucial one, so this is the time if you truly have the party at heart need to demonstrate it" he lamented.

Source: www.truthtvnews.com
Edited by Samuel Nii Amon

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