GPRTU's National Executives call the bluff of National Chairman, Saying National Delegates' Congress will take place as scheduled

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Story by Nana Yaw & Nii Among

GPRTU's National Executives call the bluff of National Chairman, Saying National Delegates' Congress will take place as scheduled

Regional Executives of Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), has called on its
members to ignore the statement issued by the ousted Chairman, Mr.Kwame Kumah at a press conference addressed by him on Thursday,the 21st Day of August, 2020 on issues bothering on the upcoming National Delegates Congress of the Union during which he(the chairman)
calling on members to disregard the fixed date for the congress.

The Regional Executives of the Union, led by executives of the Odawnaa Lorry Station Branch in greater Accra, stated in an interview with the media on Thursday afternoon that, the Constitution of the Union mention in an unequivocal terms that, the accepted number of years for a "term" shall be four years after which a National Delegates Conference must be held to either maintain (renew mandates of existing Executives for another four year term) or replace them through voting .

The above requirement, the group said, has been breached by the ousted Chairman, whose four year term officially expired on 15th September, 2019. He has since stayed in office till his ousting a few days ago.

One of the key reasons for the delay in the Congress according to the outsted chairman, is the refusal of some regional secretariat to pay their dues.

"National Congresses over the years have been held successfully with congress Fees not Dues as claimed by the Chairman ", explained by Emmanuel Nii Ankrah, an aspiring National vice chairman in the upcoming Congress and a former greater Accra Regional Chairman of the

The Constitution of the Union permits National Elections, to be held every four years at a National Delegates' Congress to select leaders for a particular term, but the outsted chairman has over- stayed his tenure, thus; this year marks his fifth year in office.

Another reason for the stands of the Regional Executives is that, not a single National Executive Council meeting has ever been successful during his tenure in office as the National Chairman of the Union. " meetings have also ended with fights " stressed Nii Ankrah, current entering member of a select committee of the Union.

According to the group,It is boldly enshrined in the Union's constitution that yearly Account be submitted by the National Executives for Auditing but again, under Mr. Kumah's chairmanship, no account has been submitted from 15th September,2015 to date.

Mr. Emmanuel Nii Ankrah seized the opportunity to urge all delegates to come out in their numbers to Kumasi, the congress venue to vote for competent and trustworthy leaders to steer the affairs of their Union in the next four years.
He further used the medium to wish all Delegates Godspeed on their way to the congress which starts from Monday, August 24, 2020.

Edited by Gideon Kotey
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