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Reported by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

The Abola Piam Royal Clan and Council and It members, would first of all like to thank you all of those who contributed in making this 1st ever Council to be inaugurated for and on behalf of the Abola Piam Royal Dynasty a unique and truly formidable experience.

In line with these, the family members, Elders and King makers, Lawyers and Governmental bodies and all those who directly or indirectly were involved in making this event a successful one.

A communiqué stated by the chairman of the committee, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, Chief of Oblieman in Ga west Amasaman District and also CivteK International Advisor for Africa and Ghana, stressed that over the last 20 years, After the dismiss  of the last  King of Accra, a few of the royal houses of Ga state and GA TRADITIONAL AREAS have seen VERY LITTLE  improvement and  DEVELOPMENT  in performance in the management of the  ‘Ga TRADITIONAL COUNCIL ’ of Infrastructural development , security of Ga people , energy equity, and environmental sustainability.

It time for time, It time for Gas and people of GA Dangbe  traditional areas to stop fantasizing and implement the necessary steps and resolutions that will put to bed the issues of Chieftaincy and Land issues downsizing the development of Greater Accra region especially to the rural and urban areas.

After so many Years of uncertainty and argument of Who is Chief and who is not, Who owns and land and who does own a land, We as Royal House has decided that it would be appropriate to form a Council and different committees under the said council to oversee to the resolving of the issues surrounding Ga Dangbe traditional areas especially issues under the Abola Piam Royal jurisdictions.
“We going to collaborate and work with the Regional House of Chiefs, Ga Traditional Council, the High and Lower Courts, the Property Fraud Department of the Ghana Police service , the Local Police Stations which are overloaded with Land Issues which seems to have no ending in the Ga Dangbe traditional Areas.  We will assist in all areas to make land ISSUES easily solvable for state institutions which have some difficulties dealing with issues concerning land.

Under this council, they have the following Committees:

1. The Executive board members.
2. Land Committee
3. Traditional Committee
4. Finance Committee
5. Legal Committee
6. Women Affairs Committee

All of the above mentioned Committees have been formed under the council. This committee was approached and approved by resolution been made and signed on the 6th day of August 2020 in Accra James by all members of the council and elders and King makers within the Abola Piam We Jurisdiction.

Below are the Names of Chairman and Chairpersons for each Committee under the Council.

1. Chairman of Council -   Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka
2. Deputy Chairman -      Shadrack Nii Tackie Oblie
3. Secretary of Council- Issac Mettle Ofei
4. Land Committee Chairman - Emmanuel Quaye Tackie Oblie
5. Traditional Chairman -   Nii Okang Osiahene IV
6, Financial Committee Chairman - Abdul Razak Tackie Oblie
7. Legal Committee Chairman -   Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka
8. Women Committee Chairman  - Grace Klorkor Clottey

source: www.aliveghananews.com

Editor : Nii Amon
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