Any Serious Country Will Not Allow John Mahama To Be President Again (Opinion)

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Story by Jennifer Larry

Surely if Ghana was a serious country, where corrupt leaders, highly poorly performed leaders, and reckless leaders are held accountable for their deeds, Mahama would not have gotten the chance to contest again. In fact, posterity would have locked all his odds to get near the presidency.

Economically, John Dramani Mahama’s four years is worse off than the rest of the Presidents in the fourth republic. I mean, the eight years of Rawlings, the eight years of Agyekum Kuffour, and the three and half years of Mills. Mahama’s style of managing the economy is even one of the testimonies against him. Although a stable economy, less economical hardship, and considerably low cost of living were left for him, he through crooked ways, crippled the economy in just four years.

In fact, the evidence of this unfortunate manifestation was witnessed even in the first three months of his leadership. Let's consider these, in three months of the Mahama’s leadership when he succeeded the late President Mills, the overall Gross Domestic Products which was staged at $28 Billion by Kuffour, later increased to $47 Billion under the leadership of Attah, was decreased back to $40 Billion. This occurred with all the available resources at the moment. It was in his time that the country started to exploit our very first commercial quantity of crude oil.

Let's also consider the infamous power outrages. The opposition described this experience as a "pandemic". Every Ghanaian can attest to these frustrating where when people worked less than 4 hours a day, not because they are lazy, but because the electricity which serves them the power is always being cut off announced. Those were days that, people ironed with hot silver bowls instead of iron.

People get to work late because they couldn't iron their uniforms and that even if they go early there would be no electricity to work with. The business collapsed, people were laid off, the entertainment industry was shut down and almost every business entity that uses electricity as its main work input came to a standstill. In those times, the only explanation the former president Mahama, then the president could offer Ghanaians was that, because of the rise of the sausage of mobile phones, much is taken from the grid as compared to what has been planned to be supplied.

At a point, members of the NDC could only justify this that, for Ghanaians to have a stable supply of electricity, we need to pay more. What's more heartbreaking about this was that bills were also coming in huge numbers as compared to when there used to be stable supply.

Finally, the employment of the International Monetary Fund. This point even complements why Mahama would not have even got the zeal to contest to be president again. Under his leadership, the country has been moved from a Highly indebted Country to a lower-income country, thanks to Former president Agyekum Kuffour and the late Mills. However, the reign of President Mahama sent us to the financial assistance for the IMF, who have always left a bad economy for countries that ran into their arms. Unfortunately, we sent our economy to them due to incompetence. Under the IMF, the country was subjected to conditions from the IMF which went straight against social development.

Under the IMF, Ghana had to freeze employment as part of its conditionalities. In the four years of Mahama, unemployment became a hallmark. It was during Mahama’s time that unemployment graduate associations emerged. Numerous of them, both the formal and the informal sector. During those times, the heat in the country became a burden for all especially, the youth. In justification, then president Mahama said he had developed a dead goat syndrome and therefore not affected by the pressures from these associations. More heartening of all is that the little that was working under the government were paid 3 months of 3years arrears. I mean, people who had worked for over 3 years were paid only 3 months' salary. This more harm than good all because the country had subjected herself to them.

I repeat, any serious country would not opt for a leader like John Mahama

Source: BBC NEWS
EDITOR: Nii Amon
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