NEIP has trained and funded 2,000 men and women entrepreneurs in the disability sector with about 4million - NEIP CEO

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Story by Jennifer Larry

The chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Entrepreneurship And innovation Program ( NEIP), Lawyer John Kumah, has urged beneficiaries of the presidential business support program to take the training seriously to build their business and impact their communities.

 He added that, the greenhouse supply's vegetables to ShopRite, farmers, market and several other market in the countries and also have been centerline's  greenhouse estate project with additional 100 Don's spread across the country.

 Lawyer John Kumah, the chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Entrepreneurship And innovation Program ( NEIP), said, they are seeking to embark only the function of the greenhouse estate with the support of men's bank of Ghana.

"We are seeking to put up 100 for every region of the country If this project become successful we will be able to bring in annual revenue of 150, million to the country as economy contribution to nation building". He said

 He said, the business support program, support and trained 45,000 nursing and founder 9,000 with the minimum of 2,000gh and the maximum of 1, 000 across the country.

He further indicate that, the NEIP has become an regular of the Entrepreneurship  ecosystem in the country.

According to him the Ghana ecosystem is providing maintes and meritus services providing markets lot of consultus and businesses advise services and influences policy so that Entrepreneurs can try. He said the Ghana ham network has been start up for private sectors and also contribute to helping Entrepreneurship develop in the country.

Lawyer John Kumah, added that, under the presidential business support program they have trained 45,783 start up businesses across the country in  parts three and half years in the first window 700 were train in the second window 12,000 and this year which was third window 100 per district  and they have 260 in the country which comes 26,783 in the third window in the past three and half years they have been able to train 45,783 businesses and start up across the country.

He also added, area of start up business management financial and basic keeping skills, sells and marketing and Branding, business plan writing, organizational management cooperate governor formalization of businesses etc.

According to him, it isthe data of the presidential business support the satistics on the number of applicant they have train across the country based on regional basis. Greater Accra which usually has the bigger population  they have trained about 10,158 which represent 22.19% and they have founder 2,705 businesses in Accra. Kumasi 27,779 representing 16.99% Northern Region 23,600 businesses representing 7.86% they have funded 7,35 businesses in the northern region, eastern region 400 has been trained  representing 9.18% they have have trained and funded 45,783 start up businesses across the country in the parts three and half yearsder 8,58 businesses, central region 4000 has been trained and funded 3,68 votal Region 2,200 found 4,049 business in the votal Region, Oti,north East upper west, upper east, Bono, Bono east,Oti Region 1,255 start up businesses and founder 256 add all will give 100% acroo the country 19,350 of them have received funding from 2000gh to 100,000gh across the country.

He also added the achievement  of the windows which he said, window One  funded 1,350 of the businesses window Two founder 3,000 window Three 5,000 of the businesses.

He added that,10,000 student has been trained  under the students Entrepreneurship. Also added that they have supported 1,000 women Entrepreneurship with disability across the country and also 1,000 men Entrepreneurship with disability with about 4 million.

Editor: Nii Amon (0541291789)

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