*Owners of Private Schools Clarify to NBSSI*

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Story reported by Samuel Amon


Private Schools Owners across the country, clear the air on the purported GNACOPS' charge on expected stimulus package loan.

On Wednesday 9th September, 2020, a cross section of School Owners/Directors and Administrators across the country presented a *Letter of Clarification* to NBSSI through it's Executive Director, following the recent media outburst on  a purported 4% charge by GNACOPS.

The letter which was accompanied by hardcopies of stamped signature endorsements from close to 500 schools across Greater Accra, Ashanti, Eastern, Ahafo among other regions, was submitted to the Director's Secretariat in her absence.

The letter stated emphatically that, they agreed internally to support the Council's activities towards helping it's members to benefit from the stimulus package and the general development of Private school sector, with the percentage.

The letter which was addressed to
The  Executive  Director, National  Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) read as follows;

"Dear  Madam,

We  the  undersigned  are  members  of  the  Ghana  National  Council  of  Private  Schools( GNACOPS), who  are  prime  and  associate  members  constitutionally registered  with  the  Council.

*We  would  like  to  state  unequivocally  that  the  Executives  of  GNACOPS,  never  told  us  that  the NBSSI  is  taking  3%  of  the  loan  being  requested,  rather,  we  the  council  members  in  general terms,  agreed  on  a  4%  voluntary  contribution  to  support  the  council’s  activities.*

We  also  want to  state  that  some  of  us  on  some  of  our  platforms  were  confused  as  to  the  3%  interest  on  the loan  in  relation  to  the  4%  support  for  the  council  but  this  has  been  clarified  and  understood already. 

We  decided  to  offer  the  Council  4%  of  whatever  we  will  receive  as  loans  from  NBSSI  and  the factors  that  influenced  this  decision  included  but  not  limited  to  the  following:

•  The  initiative  by  the  Council  to  appeal  to  the  president  our  behalf  to  impress  upon SSNIT,  GRA  our  bankers  to  withhold  the  payment  of  our  statutory obligations  to  SSNIT  and  GRA, and  our  loan  repayments.

•  It was the  council  that  encouraged  us  to  apply  for  the  loan  when  our  confidence  in  the CAP  program  was  shaken

•  Even before  registration,  our  executives  had  moved  across  the  length  and  breadth  of the  country  to  collect  data  from  schools  that  were  interested  in  the  CAP  Support  Loan  facility

 •  The Council  had  employed  the  services  of  data  entry  personnel  who  aided  the  capturing of  the  data  and  the  application  process  for  the  loan.

•  The  council  had  planned  a  series  of  capacity  building  training  programs  to  train  and guide  us  in  relation  to  the  management  of  the  funds  for  a  stress-free  repayment.

 •  The council  had  also  planned  a  series  of  programs  to  come  out  with  a  blueprint  for  the safe  reopening  of schools. With  all  these  efforts  which  come  with  costs  in  these  difficult  times,  coupled  with  the  fact  that the  Council  is  not  a  beneficiary  of  the  CAP  Loan,  deemed  it  necessary  to  show  our  appreciation and  support  for  their  efforts  in  relation  to  what  they  have  done  and  plan  doing,  *by  contributing 4%  of  whatever  we  will  receive  to  the  Council,  which  was  purely  our  internal  association arrangement  which  had  nothing  to  do  with  NBSSI.*
But  looking  at  the  issues  arising  from  this agreement  and  the  backlash  from  your  outfit  and  a  section  of  the  general  public,  the  executives and  the  council  members  have  decided  to  rescind  this  decision.

The loan application was done by the individual schools with GNACOPS, our parent organization, facilitating on our behalf since we felt that act will expedite the actions of NBSSI in processing of our individual documents judging from the relatively large number of schools that applied for the loan through your office.

GNACOPS’ intervention, by introducing the schools to NBSSI for the stimulus package and helping with the initial processing of the required document, was a means of mitigating the hustle we the members would have gone through all by ourselves.  "

*The letter further had this appeal to NBSSI;*

"We humbly plead with your outfit to expedite the payment of the loans, now that most of us have received confirmatory messages from your outfit.

We had anticipated a prompt crediting to our accounts as soon as we received the confirmatory messages.

Schools are still closed and we are cash strapped for revenue to sustain our financial obligations. This loan will however be a big relief to us and will help us stay afloat


Editor:Nii Amon
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