NDC Will Win 18 Seat In The Northern Region- Chairman Mobila Assured

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Story by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina 

The Northern Region has been a violence communities over the years.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview with the largest opposition regional chairman of the Northern Region, Alhaji Ibrahim Mobilla, assured that he is going to make sure that the NDC win eighteen seat in the northern region.

He pointed out that he is only going to consider the ruling NPP only one seat in the northern region.

According to him, chairman Samba is not a native of northern region so he doesn't know much in the northern region so that is why he is going to consider him and his NPP one seat in the northern region.

He advice the supporters of the NDC should remain calm because he is carrying the total NDC John Mahama into victory come 7th December 2020 general election.

According to him, the only thing the NPP has done in the northern region is increasing fuel making living conditions difficult for a local farmers.

"In the chairmanship of Mobilla if you doesn't eat dog current dog going can you look at it but in a case of NDC the party is not violence but the party is prepared for seriously defence of which if the ruling party chose to shoot one person in the NDC the NDC will also shoot nine of them" he cautioned.

He explained further that if a wolf's have catch up with one of your family would wait until he turns on you so need to find a stick to kill him before he turns on you.

Chairman Mobila urge all parliamentary candidates to be vigilant in their respective constituency to ensure a smooth and tremendous achievements in the northern region come December 7 general election for a resounding victory for H.E. John Dramani Mahama.

Source: www.truthtvnews.com

Editor: Nii Amon 

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