Court Restrained Self-Style Mankralo Of Prampram

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 Story by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina 

An Apex High Court in Tema metropolis presided over by Justice Ankamah has ruled to annul the installation of one Ebenezer Mensah as the Mankralo of Prampram. 

The court also prohibited the said Ebenezer Mensah from holding himself as the Mankralo of Prampram. Even before details of the ruling are published the Nene Atsure Benta III family of the Royal Kle Obonu Wem has issued a press statement to commend the court and the Judge for allowing the rule of law to prevail. 

After the burial of Nene Atsure Benta about a year ago news broke that one Ebenezer Mensah, brother of politician E.T Mensah has been installed as Mankralo of Prampram. This moved the family to proceed to court on grounds that;

1.E.T Mensah and his brother are not from Obonu Wem

2.The rightful consultations and after burial ceremonies have all not been performed. 

While the case was yet to be heard for final judgment, the installation of the said Mankralo was carried out. The family sued them again for contempt at the Tema High Court and also at the Prampram Traditional Court. The Prampram Traditional Court till date is not set for court proceeding.

The Tema High Court has however given a ruling on the contempt case and ordered that the contemnors are to execute a bond not to hold anyone as the Mankralo of Prampram until the Judicial Committee of the Prampram Traditional Council decides otherwise or in default face two months imprisonment. 

The contemnors were slapped with 12 twelve penalty units per person or in default face three months imprisonment. Each contemnor is also to pay an amount of Ghc 6,000 to the applicants by way of cost. 

In a statement Head of family for Obonu Wem Emmanuel Tetteh Nartey said the illegal installation came as a shock to the family which was still in grief over the gruesome murder of the Mankralo of Prampram.

In our state of mourning, news came to us that E.T Mensah’s brother, one Ebenezer Mensah has been imposed on the elders to be installed as Mankralo of Prampram, it was quite unbelievable so we ignored it. Consultations were ongoing and because Prampram was a comparatively small community, every discussion was leaked out. Eventually, the news went opened and we the family of Nene Atsure Benta III stool took the matter to court on the basis of the fact that

3.E.T Mensah and his brother are not from Obonu Wem

The rightful consultations and after burial ceremonies have all not been performed. It was very surprising and sad to see some greedy elders hurriedly preparing for the next Mankralo of which Obonu Wem family was ignored, Mr. Nartey retorted.

Mr. Nartey accused former Member of Parliament for Prampram E.T Mensah of being the driving force behind the illegal installation.

E.T Mensah’s name was so paramount in all their actions. They were so fearless because E.T Mensah gave the very assurance based on his political influence. Then finally, E.T Mensah’s brother by name Ebenezer Mensah was brought up to become the next Mankralo. We as a family and rightful owners of the Prampram Mankralo Stool of Kle Obonu Wem protested but the mighty hands of E.T Mensah were still influencing the process. We had no choice than to take the matter to court because E.T Mensah and his brother were aliens to our royal stool. Whilst at court, he again influenced the bad elders to go ahead with the installation of his brother as the Mankralo of Prampram. Our family house was ceased by land-guards, no one could enter.Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh Nartey indicated. 

The statement was appreciative of the judgment. 

We the family of Obonu Wem are really grateful to God for vindicating us from the cruel hands of E.T Mensah and his allies. We bless the judge who did not allow dirty political influence to take the place of justice. It is good note that Ghana still has good judges. God bless Obonu Wem, God bless Ghana


Editor: Nii Amon 

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