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 Story by Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina 

The Nuumo Awuley Kwao Family of Mitotso in the Ningo/Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region has called on the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service to resource the Tema Police so that it can protect the people within its jurisdiction. 

The family has been lamenting the seeming inability of the police to protect the people from the invasive hands of notorious gun and other offensive weapon wielding languards who keep terrorizing them. 

At a press conference, spokesperson for the family who is also the Asafoiatse of Agbazo Wem of Prampram Nene Bantama said the perpetrators, notable among them being Faradey MArtey Arden also known as Makoko, Richard Ekohu Nyavor also known as Abordor, Doku Arden, Annan Bombay Arden, Nene Kwaku Dakpor (deceased), Doku Dakpor, Joshua Akweteh Arden have been terrorizing the Miotso people for sometimes now though there is a court injunction on them. 

He said the gang was once arrested, prosecuted,  fined and imprisoned for same act but just after their release  they are back to work as usual. 

“I wonder what would motivate persons who have been barred by the law from perpetrating a particular act to go ahead and commit same crime with impunity. 

These people were arrested for same heinous crimes and imprisoned but look at them at it again how can an ex-convict be left alone by the police to be using AK47 rifle?”, worried Nene Bantama wondered. 


He said the perpetrator were prosecuted together with the Lands Commission but the latter came to apologise to the family and subsequently cancelled all forged   documentations on the land.

According to Nene Bantama, the straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident that occurred on Wednesday, 23rd December, 2020. 

He told the press that the family decided to visit one of their land totalizing sixty thousand and sixty point six acres only to meet the perpetrators who had gone to the site ostensibly to sell portions of the land to unsuspecting buyers. 

He continued that the family immediately informed the Tema Regional Command of the issue and men were immediately dispatched to the scene. 

Nene Bantama said the presence of the police didn’t even deter the criminals from going ahead with their intensions.

In the full glare of the Police, Makoko and his cohorts displayed AK 47 riffle and other offensive weapons and threatened to kill the Nuumo Awuley Kwao Family members. 

He said they police stood there helplessly without uttering a word. 

“Makoto dared me to get down from my car threatening that he will burn me alive in my car and burn all my family members alive and the Police could not utter a word to him”. 

“In the end we were asked to by the police to retreat from our own lands, The Police couldn’t control Makoko – Makoko rather controlled the Police”.  Nene Bantama asserted. 

According to Nene Bantama, the Nuumo Awuley Kwao Family and the entire people of Miotso and Prampram are losing confidence in the police so the earliest the Inspector General of Police moves his men to protect the lives and properties of the masses the better. 

He threatened that the next impudence from the tug would be fiercely met with equal energy from men from the family and that could spell mayhem. 

“We are all men so if we realize the state can’t protect us we will surely protect ourselves.

"We will have no other options than to take the law into our own hands too to get Makoko and his tugs off our property”, threatened, Nene Bantama. 

The Nuumo Awuley Kwao Family thus wants the Tema regional Police to up their game to bring sanity to the area.


Editor: Nii Amon 

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