Best medicinal benefits of chocolate for pregnant women

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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Chocolate is a product from cocoa that has numerous medicinal benefits to pregnant women. It gives pregnant women a very pleasant sensation when they eat it. That sweet taste, the melt in the mouth, and the softness provided by chocolate, who can describe this? It gives them an incredible sensation!

These are the health benefits of chocolate to pregnant women.

Preventing preeclampsia.

We all must have the same wish, that we want our babies to be born healthy without premature. But there is a pregnancy disorder that is very dangerous for us and our fetus. The disorder is called Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder that can make pregnant women suffering high blood pressure, also can cause premature birth, liver and kidney disorders, and endanger the lives of women who are pregnant. To avoid it, we recommend you start eating chocolate.

Because of chocolate, there is theobromine content that can make pregnant women are not stressed and relaxed so that the fetus also can feel calm. Theobromine content is responsible for preventing all the risks caused by preeclampsia.

Furthermore, research conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Triche of Yale University, shows that if a pregnant woman consumes chocolate regularly, this will make the baby born with a high concentration of theobromine in the umbilical cord blood.

Increasing metabolism system.

Why can chocolate improve the metabolism system? Because chocolate contains a very important substance that is magnesium and iron. Magnesium and ironwork together to help the process of metabolizing fats, producing red blood cells, and protecting pregnant women from anemia. They also create the formation of hemoglobin and helping the fatty acid metabolic process.

Normalize the blood pressure.

Because a pregnant woman can suffer high blood pressure, they need an intake that can help to normalize the blood pressure. This is very important for women who are pregnant. There are plenty of other intakes to normalize blood pressure, but you can count on chocolate as well to overcome this problem.

Chocolate can help normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of defects in the fetus. What is the reason? Again it is because of the effect of theobromine content. The content of theobromine can also dilate/widen the blood vessels so it can make blood pressure back to normal.

It serves as a source of antioxidants.

According to Mayo Clinic, antioxidants can overcome the free radicals that can enter our body through cigarette smoke or pesticides. The benefits of antioxidants in chocolate is to prevent the growth of cancer cells in pregnant women so that pregnant woman and fetal are free from cancer risk and avoid heart disease. In addition, antioxidants work to form the immune system and keep pregnant women healthy.

Can affect the happiness of the baby.

The fetus has a very strong bond with his mother. That is why, if his mother is feeling stressed or depressed, then this will also affect the fetus. Based on research conducted by the pregnant women’s health magazine in Finland, showed that by consuming chocolate, the mother will feel calm and can make her happy and ultimately affect the fetus who can feel the happiness as well.

Increase baby's response.

Another content contained in chocolate is phenylethylamine content. Phenylethylamine content is the content that is absorbed by the fetus when the mother is eating chocolate. This content works to give a good effect on the baby’s response when he’s born and during the growth period. He can give respond to his parents and his environment calmly and relax.

Moreover, there are other contents that have an important role in the development of the baby’s brain. This content is a monounsaturated fat content called oleic acid which is also provided in chocolate.

Lose weight.

It is true if we eat chocolate that contains a lot of sugar and fat, this can make us becoming fat. But, there are chocolates that do not contain much fat and sugar. For example, as you can see in the list of nutrients above, the list shows that dark chocolate has a total of 31 g fat and 48 g of sugar.

The content of fat and sugar in dark chocolate is less than the other chocolate, such as the Health Benefits of White Chocolate that has 32 g of fat content and 59 g of sugar content. Therefore, consuming dark chocolate in the right way will help you lose weight and smooth the digestion of pregnant women.

Create a happy mood for a pregnant woman.

For women who are pregnant, do you often feel the change of moods? Do you feel the hormonal changes in your attitude? Do you often feel very happy sometimes, sometimes angry, sometimes sad? It is very natural to be experienced by a woman who is pregnant because it is a hormonal influence or because you just tired that time. Try eating chocolate and feel the change in your mood.

Research shows that chocolate has a function to stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain, spine, and other body parts. Endorphin can make you feel good. In addition, there is another compound in chocolate that acts as an antidepressant is serotonin.

Preventing anemia. 

Anemia is dangerous for us and especially for pregnant women. Chocolate is one of the Anemia Treatments. Chocolate is one of the foods that have an effect of blood-boosting that can prevent pregnant moms from suffering the Symptoms of Anemia or anemia itself.


Chocolate has a phenylethylamine substance that works to relieve stress.

Frequently of eating chocolate can help pregnant women in terms of making their skin becomes smoother and can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays


Edited by NII Amon 

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