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There is something I like about the NPP, they lie in uniformity.  It becomes so consistent , it confuses even the educated . 

 *DUMSOR* is an Akan word that simply means "off and on". Do we need an energy minister to explain this language to us ? Was it the reason for reshuffling an EWE (Amewu) to bring in an Akan to explain DUMSOR to us ? 

The explanation from the minister to say the least, is insulting . The Ghanaian is not looking for explanations my friend !!! What we need is results. Whether  it is generation , transmission , embezzlement,  incompetence, old age , or Boakye Agyarko, what we need is lights at our homes and offices . *FINITO* !!!

When incompetent people in opposition, speak as if they have a solution to everything , they end up with these useless explanations . 

There is a Dagomba proverb that literally means, the stomach doesn't care of your employment status when hungry, all it needs is,  food must enter !!!

Everything they attacked his excellency JM off, is staring  them in their faces. Was it not these same people who accused JM of providing too much power than we needed? The Akans say, if you are chewing the fingers of an ape 🐒 chew will caution, less you chew your own fingers .

This same tradition , accused Dr Kwame Nkrumah for constructing the Akosombo Dam. Reason being that, our population was just 6 million. Can you imagine ? 

They never look beyond the present and their immediate needs . Rawlings cautioned , this people have been there for a very long time, they don't change, they just change their names . 

After the overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah, they burnt his books and sort to change the history of Ghana . Today, they are at it again, they may not be able to burn books, but are using power, to change the literature of the history of Ghana , for our kids to study . 

They even have the power to tell your kinsmen who they think they are !!! 

Don't be surprised when finally, the meaning of *DUMSOR* becomes strictly a John Mahama administration problem . 

All those propagating this theory in defense of the current administration will wake up to the Nana Addo version when it has becomes *DUMKORAA*

This will be the time that Ghanaians will be calling for the only party that can provide the better days we need . 

Kun Fa Yakun

Source: www.truthtvnews.com

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