*Ecowas to Invest €56 Million to develop West Africa’s Food Security Storage System*

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 Story by Malise Otoo

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources of the Ecowas Commission, Sékou Sangare has explained that the Commission so far has allocated a total of €56Million to the establishment and improvement of food security storage systems here in West Africa.

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Speaking during an interview on the sidelines of the ongoing International conference of the West African Food Security Systems by the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF) of the Ecowas Commission, H.E Sékou Sangare mentioned among other things that the funding is for the deployment of strategic food storage reserves in West Africa and it’s a contribution from the Ecowas Commission and its International donor partners.

He further stated that, ‘‘as a coordinator of the conference, my involvement is highlighting the role of the strategic reserve that’s Administrative for an important financing of €56 Million over the last year and to assist participants with technical support in order to access properly the activities of the strategic reserves over the last year, and to be able to highlight the successes, and also consider what could have been done better in order to come to a conclusion on the activities conducted and to look at what should be and how the future should look like.’’

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Some of the activities that have affected the massive deployment of these strategic reserves includes what he terms as external factors such as drought, flooding, terrorism amongst others.

The activities and deployment of the strategic reserves and the vision of the last 5 years according to him has allowed to impact effectively over two million people in the Region. And although the number may be big, it is below what the project is. Therefore, in order to scale up the impact of the strategic reserves proper, there is a need to enlighten all stakeholders from the financial institutions, farmer- based organizations, private sector with Governments and all actors to jointly and collectively execute the project that has been set and be reached, and accounted for.

The commissioner was optimistic and fully confident that the way the conference is gathering and the involvement of all parties is leading to a complete blueprint on what will be the future of the strategic reserve and he has a conviction that the six specific goals of the strategic reserves can be met and will be met collectively.

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Editor: NII Amon 

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