Nungua Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse performing the Dzenten Nishwamo Traditional Ceremony.

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Story by Malise Otoo

The Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse, overload of the Gadangbe State has performed the Dzenten Nishwamo to usher in this year’s Ga Homowo. 

Briefing the Media after the ceremony, Nii Afrankwah, Nungua Mankralo and spokesperson of Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse explained that as Gborbu Wulomo he is the Chief Priest of all Gadangbe and he has sprinkled the Kpokpoi to all gods of Gadangbe in readiness for the celebration of this year’s Homowo.  Dzenten Nishwamo according to him is the initiation of the main Homowo celebration.

‘‘As a royal and Wulomo, you need to be initiated in the Aklabatsa, cleansed and purified to be made clean to partake in the ceremony. It is most important and Gborbu Wolumo embarks in the ceremony so that when Homowo time comes, they can partake in the eating of the Kpokpoi’’.

In two weeks’ time, following the performance of the Dzenten Nishwamo by Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse, he will again perform the final “Dudor Mli Nu Woo, Mandzuramo, Abele Womor ke Shwamor” ceremonies to bring into perspective the commencement of this years Homowo Festival.


Editor: NII Amon Kotey 

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