Former Accra Great Olympics Captain..... Installed as Odorkor Mantse

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Story Reported by Jennifer Larry 

Former Accra Great Olympics captain Akwei Maclean has been accepted into the Akumajay Mantse WE paramountcy in Accra as the Odorkor Mantse with the stool name Nii Koko Boi Maclean III.

Nii Maclean III, who was installed earlier this year  Odorkor Mantse , as part of the process to complete his confirmation, had to visit the Akumajay house, the paramountcy under which his stool fell, to perform the acceptance rites.

 Nii Ayikai III, Chief of Akumajay , who performed the rites, welcomed Nii Maclean III to the house assuring him that he had their full backing to work in the interest of his people. In his acceptance speech Nii Maclean III indicated his readiness to work for the people of Odorkor, promising that he and his subjects will serve the people with truth, loyalty and transparency whilst also taking key interest in the activities of the Akumajay house.

Nii Maclean III, holds the title as the longest serving player at Great Olympics playing at the ‘Wonder Club’ for two decades after joining as a starlet in 1972 before hanging his boots in 1992.


Editor: Nii Amon 

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