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Story reported by Kwabena Yeboah 

Insecurity has been some of the key point of our journalist on their programs.

Just recently, we will hear or see on our various unbearable murdering cases in the country not knowing it's just close to me in the Assin North District.

Criminal activities started in the Assin North District after the introduction of Mobile Money Fraud and Scamming about eight years ago.

Because of the unemployment crisis in the Assin as a whole, most of the Youth have now engaged in Mobile Money Fraud, Scamming and selling of Human parts.

In 2018, I was in the Assin Fosu Ciruit Court where an 18 year old auto mechanic from Assin Darman in the Assin South District, was brought to court with a charges of engaging in Human trafficking, selling of Human parts and Sakawa.

Afterwards, it has been normal in the society because of insecurity in the three District of Assin. 

We were here in 2018, where a group of rubbers entered the office of Amagalo Company Limited, where we even found Police Bullets in their bullets they used in their operation.

In December 22, 2019, when people were planning ahead of the District Assembly Elections, another group of Rubbers entered the Office of Produce Buying Company (PBC), where there went away with huge amounts of money and injured 17 people in that Operation which was in the Middle of the Capital of Assin North.

What made December 22, 2019 Operation very funny was that, due to the lack of professional equipments used by the Police Service, they all runned away and left an empty charge office for 4 hours.

All this criminal activities, which was live and clear on all the various Television & Radio Stations in the country did not yield any proper measures.

What really hurt a lot is that, after the 2020 elections, the State of Insecurity in the Assin North is  becoming unbecoming.

Less than a month, three people have been attacked and killed by unknown Assiliants.

Getting to the ending of July, an 8 year old school girl who was coming from School was kidnapped and have not seen nor heard about her for the past three weeks.

Two days after this incident, a similar incident happened in between the Assin Bereku Police Station and Assin State College, a 62 year old woman was killed in her own room after  removing some parts which includes her Heart, Kidney, etc.

Two weeks after, a 67 year old Yaa Badua. Her case was soo bitterly to the extent that, they divided the body into three and made away with one which include from the Stomach to the Waist and her heard.

This is creating fear and panic into the good people of the Assin North District specifically, Assin Bereku, the District Capital.

Ghanaians should not forget that it is the same Assin North where about 16 people were killed because of Fraudulent Money.

People should bear in mind that, it is the same Assin North, where a Police Commander was beatened and even poured hot soup on him for leading a Patrol Team to conduct Visibility check at one of the hotspots of Criminal activities in the Assin North.

The question is, is the country including my Assin North Safe?

What is the cause of all this criminal activities in Ghana?

When will our leaders realise that, Ghana is turning to Afghanistan?

Why should we keep theMilitary Men at the Yard and pay them with tax payers money who led the Tax Payers are not Safe?

Government needs to sit up if not, some of the Youth are ready to react on it whilst they saw the #Fix_the_country Demo.

I don't want to see my Old Men and Women climbing trees to find security.

Government must rise from where there are falling short.

Recently, I heard that, Government has procured aircrafts for the security agencies. If it's true, what is the importance of them.

God have Mercy on my Assin North District and Ghana.


Editor : Nii Amon 

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