Ghana: Amnesty International Ghana does not promote or advocate for LGBTQ+ –............... Frank Kwaku Doyi

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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Mr, Frank Kwaku Doyi Director of Amnesty International Ghana states it clearly that Amnesty international does not promote or advocate for LGBTQ+ on press conference organized at Accra Ghana on 29th July 2021.

According to the managing director of Amnesty international Ghana, authorities must ensure that hate speech and threats against LGBTI people end those defending their fundamental human rights guaranteed by article 21 of the 1992 constitution are truly investigated and deuce responsible are brought to Justice.

Ghanaian authorities must investigate harassment, intimidation, unlawful surveillance, physical attacks and criminalization of Human Rights defenders, particularly those facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, such as lgbti defendants.

Mr, Frank kwaku Doyi, said, perpetrators must be brought to Justice, whether they are state or non-state actors, and victims must be provided with effective remedies.

The managing director also urge the media not to contribute to hate speech, discrimination, misinformation and hostility towards human rights defenders, including those who defend the right of LGBTI people.

Mr Doyi further Express on violence against women, he said that violence against women and gas continues to be widespread in Ghana including domestic violence sexual assault and rape. it is further concerned at a report of lack of investigation and prosecutions as well as Lenient sentences imposed on perpetrators.

Despite the establishment of the domestic violence and victim support unit to assist in the rehabilitation and re-integration of victims of gender-based violence, Amnesty International Ghana is worried that we do not have sufficient social services and shelters for victims of domestic violence.

He also touched on assault and Harassment of Journalist that, Amnesty Ghana condemns any form of violence against Journalist and cause on government to live up to its responsibility to guarantee the safety and protection of journalists and all media outlets in the country.

“we call on the government to protect journalists who are doing their work peacefully from harassment, attacks and arbitrary arrests, prosecute those responsible and compensate the victims”.

Director of Amnesty International finally urge government to ensure that Ghana complies with the African commission declaration of principles on freedom of expression and access to information in Africa which requires States to take effective legal and other measures to investigate, prosecute and punish perpetrators of attacks against journalists and other media practitioners, and ensure that victims have access to effective remedies.


Editor: Nii Amon 

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