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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

THE DNA BOOKS LAUNCHES HIS FOURTH BOOK "" *THE SYMPATHY SEEKING GENERAL""*   For few years ago the DNA BOOKS has been one of the powerful author in Ghana and has been recognised as the young author at the moment.

On Saturday 7th of August 2021,   the book with title 
"" *THE SYMPATHY SEEKING GENERATION* "" was launched at the VICE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE COMPLEX NEAR UPSA HOSTEL. This  book talked about how one can archive in life without waiting for support from anyone, and talked about how to be sympathy to people but not to be sympathy by people.

Daniel Nseboah Amoah is the CEO and the author of DNA BOOKS, speaking... 
I believe in God and also trust in God that he makes everything possible. I will use this opportunity to advise youth of age ,they  should all let their situation goes before God but not on social media such as  , what's app status, because when you let situation goes before God will empathize with you so that you will be strengthened and overcome whatever situation you are into.

The youth needs to take God seriously in their youthful age, and they also needs to be strong and they to be taking actions any where ,and any how , because good life needs a strong foundation without  God and  foundation anything better in life.
Most of the youth always give an excuse of the economy, which I will says this is the time, every youth needs to be serious of what he/she want to archive in life by being strong and also taking actions towards it and we will all archive a better life and living.

I always says there basic life and people we have around us First People that see things to happen without doing anything about

Secondly, People that talked about things happening
Thirdly or last is People that made things happens, .

If  we all made our mind  to make things happens it will lead us very far in life as we always dream to archive. 

 had spoken alot about life so I recommend every to get his or her copy at the fellowing places,,









Editor: Nii Amon 
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