2nd Vaccination Jab begins As Zoomlion Medical Team Assures Safe waste Disposal to Eastern and Volta Region Vaccination Centers

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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Waste management giant, Zoomlion Ghana Limited medical team, has officially commenced the distribution of waste bins to Health Centres offering Covid-19 vaccination in the Volta and Eastern Regions of Ghana.

This project started in municipal and district assemblies in these two Regions

Hospitals in the Regions are taking it for free without paying a pesewa, in the fight against the infectious covid-19 disease.

This week, Zoomlion dispatched staffs to Eastern and Volta Region to register Hospitals within the beneficiary assemblies and also to do mass distribution.

With this, Zoomlion is looking at distributing a million waste bins to Hospitals in the towns, cities and communities across the country.

At a media briefing, Engineer Senam Tenge, said their target is to distribute a million waste bins to help fight the COVID-19 vaccination and spreading of other diseases after taking the vaccine.

“We at Zoomlion together with School hygiene are distributing machines and dust bins that can separate these needles and other vaccination materials from the normal waste materials”

“We have trucks mainly for the medical waste transportation, and it takes this vaccination waste, transport them to our facility to grind the needles and other materials used for the vaccination or clean the materials so it doesn’t cause harm to others”.

“…The good news is hospitals are the most highly regulated, especially when it comes to safety and infection control, and many hospitals have been specifically designed to care for patients with infectious diseases without further spreading viruses or bacteria or other infectious diseases”.

He said Hospital operations are also heavily influenced by these precautions, specifically as it relates to disposing the materials used for the vaccination.

A critical steps hospitals are taking according to him is enforcing these guidelines and ensuring physicians, nurses, and staff are trained to implement.

The Municipal Health Director of Nsawam Adoagyiri, Eunice Abuaku disclosed that, the initiative by Zoomlion will make disposal of the material used for the vaccination very easy.

“With the Zoomlion exercise, it will be easier for us to put in the sharps in the dustbin and we’re very grateful”, she said.

…”We are not paying anything, Zoomlion didn’t ask for a penny. Our target for the second vaccination is 1880 for health workers, individuals and other organizations”.

She added that we have about a week to vaccinate people, I don’t think it’s going to affect us”.

“We’re not saying after vaccination, it’s not possible to get the covid-19. Even if you have it, it wouldn’t be severe after taking the vaccine, She said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Public Health Director in the Volta Region, Senanu Dzokoto also commended the Zoomlion for their work in supporting them with Waste Bins.

“We told the populace that, they’ll get their second dose of the vaccine in Ho Municipal, Hohoe and Kpando.

“We are looking forward to end this exercise on the next 2 to 3weeks. What has really helped this campaign is Zoomlion and their waste management aspect added to this exercise.

Today, they brought their dustbin liners and so it has given us time to explain things to those taking the vaccination…he added.

Source: www.truthtvnews.com

Editor: Nii Amon

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