Modern Slavery Eradication Programme launched ......... Action Aid Ghana

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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Action Aid Ghana has launched a project aimed at eradicating modern slavery in the country.

The project: dubbed “Combatting Modern Slavery in Ghana” with funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation (Norad) is to complement government efforts at eradicating modern slavery which manifests in the form of force labour, child labour, including worst forms of child labour.

Project Manager Action Aid, Mr. Sanuel Sabuli

Speaking at the launch in Accra on Tuesday , the Project Co-coordinator of Action Aid Mr. Samuel Sabuli disclosed that the project seeks to focus on three thematic objectives including facilitating the awareness in identifying modern slavery within the agricultural sector, enhancing knowledge of individuals and communities on modern slavery and prevent it from happening, among others.

According to him, these objectives are intended to eradicate all forms of modern slavery in the country especially in the agricultural sector.

The Project Manager also stressed that the projects which is being rolled out in 11 regions will benefit over 2,700 persons directly and 15 million persons indirectly.

He added that the projects will also provide alternative livelihood to about 400 communities.

Deputy Head of Mission Norwegian Embassy Mr. Kyrre Holm

On his part, the Deputy Head of Mission at the Norwegian Embassy Mr. Kyrre Holm stressed that the funding is geared towards eradicating modern slavery which he said is a priority to the Norwegian government.

“Efforts in combating slavery is essential in realizing the eradication of human trafficking and slavery”, he emphasized.

Mr. Holm stressed however that regional collaboration is needed to fight the menace hence AfCFTA must provide support in that regard.

General Secretary, GAWU, Mr .Edward Kareweh

The General Secretary of Ghana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) Mr. Edward Kareweh emphasized that “slavery is a production of poverty and poverty is pervasive in Ghana and therefore modern slavery is pervasive in Ghana”.

He added that Slavery always occurs to people who are poor and weak adding that there are weak institutions in Ghana to ensure that every body’s right is preserved.


Editor: Nii Amon 
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