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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Caroline Amissah - Dept CEO Mental Health Authority 

 Yesterday mark the world mental day. the celebration takes on the 11th October 2021.The state of mental health in Ghana: Realigning resource allocation.

Dr Caroline Amissah gave the keynote on the mental health. She said. The negative effect of COVID 19 have settled worsting  mental health well being of people in our dear Country. We all ready know in our Ghanaian study that lost of to GPP because of mental health is estimated around 7 percent. these is not all global estimate of the burden of mental health disability are quite significant.

She comment that Research by Figo and I count in 2016 suggest that globally mental disorders are count for 32 percent of years of disability adjusted life years.

So people with mental health conditions we know live with such forms of disability and they do not get a perfect life. In the same way in the south Sahara in Africa mental disorders and sustance abused is estimated to be in covering around 19 percent of the disability related disease per day.

She started that here in Ghana research mental health has had an equal attention and constitute only about 4 percent of total health research.these has impacted on the present distribution of national prevalence of mental disorders.indeed our world in standing there are suggesting of high bevelance of mental disorders with associated in high treatment Galves  above 90 percent so extending in 2011 which was reported in 2012 told us that there was a treatment done of 98 percent,so persons who need treatment from mental health we have about only 2 percent having asset to treatment you can bare with me that these is very worried

She said I know the situation has improved.there will  have to be a quickly research and to come out with cooperate evidence for us to be able to continue to battle with it.

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Editor: Nii Amon 

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