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Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Newly Elected Greater Accra Regional vice Chairman Mr Seth Tetteh

More than three hundred branches of  GPRTU members conveyed at  Art center conference hall yesterday to nominate and elect a newly  Regional vice Chairman.

The conference hall was crowded with delegates and non delegates of the GPRTU members.

Per their constitution when a position becomes vacant there should be a by election to elect a competent and qualified member to occupied the position.

All those who matters in GPRTU, from the ranks and files from the national to regional executives were  presence at the event.

The dignitaries were  Nana Nimako Bresiama the national Chairman and Nana Ampofi Anang 1 who doubles us the Greater Accra regional Chairman and national vice Chairman, also labour officer's came to supervised the by election, that's enshrined in their constitution.

The former Greater Accra vice Chairman the late Iddrisu Tetteh aka Katongo who has passed away, was replaced by Mr Seth Tetteh who was nominated and elected.

After the elections the newly elected greater Accra Regional vice Chairman Mr Seth Tetteh gave thanks to all the delegates, who confirmed and voted for him.

Speaking to Nana Ampofi Anang1 who is the greater Accra Regional chairman and national vice Chairman in regards to the nation wide demonstration they have threatened to go against the government about the rapid increment of fuel prices in the country,he said that they have retreated but not surrendered, their still waiting for the government to put effective measures to hearken to their petition.

Concerning the Abolishment  of road toll levy by the government  is  dearest to them for the rate of fuel consumption at toll gates are very high when there is a traffic jam.

One of the vibrant national communicators in GPRTU Mr Samuel Amoah also added his voice to the rapid increment of fuel prices currently,he said many at times when the is an increment in fuel prices, the GPRTU also increase transport fares to balance the equation. 

But this time around they have realized that it will affect most of the workers financially, since workers salaries have not been increased by the government.

They don't want to mount such pressures on workers anymore, that's why they are telling the government to scrap off certain taxes from the fuel prices.

If the government refused to listen to their petition,then the government should be ready for a nation wide strike and demonstration.

He explained that the demonstration will comprises of all drivers unions and associations in Ghana including  online drivers.


Editor : Nii Amon 
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