Jenten Nishwan) 2022

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Story Written Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa II

lets continue with our homowo lessons...

This Sunday is the feasting and sprinkling of Kpokpoi for Ga Dangme deities.. 

Jenten nishwamor is the sprinkling of kpokpoi, the sacred meal of Ga Dangmes, for the deities and the cosmic energies which keep the earth in balance.. 

Jenten nishwamor is a Ga phrase of two words..

"Jen-ten" means centre of the world 🌎 

"Nishwamor" means the sprinkling of holy meal, in this instance the kpokpoi..

As stated earlier, jenten nishwamor is the sprinkling of Kpokpoi to all the 99 deities of Ga Dangme and all the cosmic energies that keep the earth in balance. Nungua strategically occupies the centre of the world 🌎 with the meridian rock "Angmu" being the rock which divide the earth into two equal halves. 

Before the advanced world noted the meridian as the centre of the earth, his lordship Nuumo Borkete Lawe (PBUH), has found and located the meridian as the centre of the world and instituted special rites for this sacred rock which is the centre of the earth. His lordship, Nuumo Borkete Lawe (PBUH) was noted as the priest of "Angmu" (the meridian rock) by historians like Prof MJ Fields, AA Amarte, Late Prof Josiah Aryeh, Prof Irene Odotei, CC Riendolf, just to mention a few. 

One of the rites he instituted was jenten nishwamor (sprinkling of holy meal, kpokpoi, at the centre of the earth 🌎) which is done annually before any Ga Dangme town feast and sprinkle kpokpoi.

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