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Story Reported by Kwabena Yeboah 

The truth must be told. The LORD GOD, has really blessed us with every natural resources we need as a country.It seems we have taken all this priliveges for granted.Religiously there is peace, harmony and understanding among the religious beliefs in the country.

The question is that why can't Ghana turns to become a first class Nation?

I have a problem about how we elect our president and vice mostly on  religious background.

I am of the view that if we can have a patriotic and competent president and vice from one religion, there is no need to mixed the president and vice based on a religious background.

It looks like we have abused  the time  needed  to achieve's  certain developments on  record time with bad attitudes.

We don't take our works seriously especially some of the workers in the public  sector, some of the them don't thinks about how to  progress the work  , but what some  of them are interested in is how to satisfy's their stomach and pocket.

Cover up is another Epedemic of the enemies of progress in Ghana.Most of the leaders needs  those who can dance to their music to work with, so that I snatch your back and you snatch my back game will  be outplayed to the gallery.When sometimes you overheard a certain leader glamouring against someone, not interested  to work with,is simply because he can't create,loot and share with the person.

When a certain leaders see those working with him to be a threat for him ,he will do anything  humanly possible, to sabotage them.

No leader want to be exposed.They always want those who can do cover ups for them to work with.So that their cobwebs and skeletons will  be hidden, from the public.

Partisan politics always hijacked the truth to be seen and known.The political parties communicators will always defend the indenfensible.Even when their parties are wrong, they will still defend the party.Because of political appointment none of the parties members, wants to  criticize's and condemn's his or her own party for a wrongful doing, bad actions, and unneedful policies.

Apart from Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong the legislature a member of parliment for Assin central who sometimes fires his own party, when he disagrees with them.Some also says when he needs certain contracts from his party,then he will deliberately criticize them, for he is very loud and have the media power and influence.

Corruption is bleeding and sinking the Country into an abyss.Looking at the over pricing of certain government contracts it will makes you cry for mother Ghana.The mindset of some people is if you don't becomes corrupt you can't make it,or be successful in life.This is why the  corruption galon is everywhere.Monies that can be used for state development goes to a corrupt people's  pocket. Corruption is milking the country and it is very sad and pathetic.It clearly shows  that we don't have any love for the country and also don't thinks about the future of the country which belongs to the next generation.
The way some are chopping corruption monies today as if the is no tomorrow for the country.Until we have an independent anti corruption body to fight vigrously against corrupt practices in the country,it will always stampies the social economic and developmental growth in the country.Another failing gears and breakfails that disappoints the fight against corruption is the anti corruption crusader's,most of them are corrupt than the corruption machinery.They themselves are real definition of corruption.

Tribal bigotry is very sensitive and fragile when talking about it without been circumspect.We should see our selves as one people, without tribal differences.. There should not be any tribal war and selectiveness among ourselves as a country.We shouldn't classify's some tribe's to be more superior than others.

There are certain positions and job employment's if you don't belongs to a certain tribe you will be disqualified,base on your tribal background.This is  a real picture of tribalism.Is true that we have different tribe's among ourselves but the truth is that we are all one people.We are in a 21century the world has changed from the past.Stopping ourselves to intermarrys each other because of tribal difference's, must be stopped.

Indiscipline is another canker.Some of us don't want to be  law abiding citizens.The reason for that is how some of us are indiscipline.Looking at some behaviors of our's, in the way some of us talk,dress,our actions and inactions shows  clearly that some of us are not disciplined.If we don't change from our indiscipline nature and character,Ghana our beloved country will never progress, economically, socially physically,  and financially.
Most developed countries were able to develop because, they were discipline.We don't want to do the right thing but we always needs the rightful results.
The discipline organisations and authorities  must enforce their veto powers without fear or favor.The laws that  must ensures discipline needs to work effectively.The systems and structures to hit on the nails of discipline must not be hijacked.Building a Nation without discipline,is like sitting in a glass room, you must not throws stones.Let us avoid and devoid indiscipline, from our personal live's, our homes and offices.When we crucified indiscipline and ressurects discipline and our Homeland Ghana, will becomes one of the best Country in the  world.


Editor: Nii Amon 
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