Conscious Humanity holds a Peace Forum with religious leaders

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 Story Reported by Gideon Kotey 

Brother Ismael Tetteh, Director of Conscious Humanity 

Conscious Humanity marks 18th September as World Planetary Liberation Day on the theme religious and cultural coexistence as factors for integrated and progressive communities 

Planetary Liberation Day is a public awareness creation and education program focusing on the new concept for attaining world peace. it was promulgated in September 2001 after the September 11th bombing of the Twin Towers in the USA, in which our leader, brother Ismael Tetteh had to play a great role in consoling, comforting and reassuring several American on the possibility of world peace.

Conscious Humanity International is a Non-profit organization, committed to drawing attention to the fundamental elements to create a culture of peace at the individual level by identifying and addressing the innate elements that lead to internal confusions, conflicts, and wars that out-picture themselves externally as global wars. 

CHI defines peace as the Identification and free expression of your innate potentials. Peace focuses on creating peace through the conscious building of the culture of peace. 

If we are aware the angry child that we nuture today becomes the angry adult acting in various decision-making capacities to bring about war and conflict, we would be more cautious in handling our children right from conception. Thus, we need to promote peace through the promotion of a culture of peace.


Editor: Nii Amon

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