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 *Story written by: AFIA FREMA BOSSMAN


The Leader of Calvary Delivrance Ministry in Sunyani in the Bono Region, Prophet ET has warned Ghanaians especially Christians to be careful how we worship and engaged the dead in the country.

Prophet ET said, he found it so amazing that some christians get it so excited about issues regarding the dead and funerals and make so much ceremony out of it and also spend huge sums of money but why not the living.

''I was told of a true story about some Man that was sick in somewhere in the region in Ghana , I want mention the name, and after many months he got sick nobody cared about him.And he was well and the Doctor said: 'I have to discharge you now since you are well'. He said: 'Call my family to tell them come pay the bill '. And when the Doctor called the family to pay the bill, they insulted the Doctor.

''So, he called to the Doctor: 'Dont worry wait for a few weeks and call them and tell them that:'Your family member is dead". And when after a few weeks and called them and said: "Your so so and so is dead"", The family emediatly exclaimed: Ohh Awurade we have a funeral'.

"So they called everybody to contribute and bring money  and surely they brought the money, meanwhile he was not cared when he got sick.

''When the family discovered their Son is alive , they asked the Doctors to give them back their money or else they will beat him. The Doctor said i: 'its too late.

"The way we celebrate the dead in the country, we spend it on people when they are alive, They'll live long and they won't die. 

Prophet ET express uneasiness about how Ghanaians "celebrate and value" the dead more than the living to the extent that some families neglect their relatives in times of need, even when faced with threatening issues in life such as Sickness but are willing to sponsor the funerals of those same relatives once they die, prophet warned Ghanaians to desist from such act.

Source: Bono Region-Sunyani/ www.truthtvnews.com

Editor: Nii Amon 

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