The Light Foundation Engage Kokrobite Community Over Efficacy of the Covid-19 Vaccines

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Story By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina 
CEO of Light Foundation a non-profit organization, Sheikh Ali Abubakar Napari

The education of health advocacy through communities engagement which is been sponsored by UNICEF over decades now and the conception about the Covid-19 Vaccine must stop and some people circulating video's saying all sorts of manner.

Speaking at the community engagement, the CEO of Light Foundation a non-profit organization, Sheikh Ali Abubakar Napari, urge the media to use it medium to educates Ghanaians to take centre stage in taking serious about vaccination cause is 60-94% efficiency and effectiveness.

According to him, both FDA, WHO and national regulatory agencies ensure that, Covid-19 vaccines undergo rigorous testing in clinical trials to ensure that they meet internationally agreed benchmarks for safety and efficacy.

Sheikh Napari indicated that the yellow fever is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes and for people to have behavioural change in their lifestyle.

He mentioned that in the northern hemisphere are inextricably linked with yellow fever and it has more children's.

The way and manner cow meat been prepared are poisonous and in the near future the effects start showing up so need to educates them before it gets out of hand.

The light foundation have alot of  ambassadors be it pastors and Imams across the country.

The inter-Faith social advocacy, by using religious leaders, because if our pastors and Imams can use their good books to preach and educates them for behavioural change.

"And has four branches, in North, Eastern, Greater Accra and Volta region.

He also encourage the pastors and Imams to use their good books to talk to people and educates them to serious participation in going for vaccines.

Sheikh Ali Napari counsel slutter house over methods of burning tyres to prepared meat must change and must apply proper means.

The people in the Kokrobite Community poured out their overwhelming appreciation to the Light Foundation and UNICEF Ghana for coming to them with this all important health education on the pandemic and other related chronic virus. 


Editor: Nii  Amon 
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